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NASTRM® is the official Short Term Rental Association in the United States. Upon joining, you are granted tentative approval; and full access not until the vetting by the Executive Membership Committee is complete.

NASTRM® has partnered with UC Berkeley, whose empirical data revealed a NASTRM® badge displayed on a property management company’s homepage, the conversion rate exceeded 99%.

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The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Display Your Membership Badge Proudly

Give your prospective homeowners the confidence to select your services.

NASTRM® Credentials and Education

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Tony Robbins

Learn from Tony Robbins to grow yourself personally and professionally.

Short-Term Rental Association Conference 2023

Gain strategic partners, meet industry-specific lenders, and learn about trends and the future of the short-term rental industry. Members receive 50% off admission.

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Kara Adams (Member / Realtor)

"I receive about 6 leads that convert per month and now have over 1250+ listings under management. My biggest challenge was growing my client base and NASTRM®, helped me get to this many doors across 7 States."

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Active Discussion Forum

Discuss and learn about issues and challenges with like-minded short-term rental industry professionals. Tools and white label benefits that are members only exclusives. Get discounts on memberships to the biggest channel manager software.