The Ultimate List of Short Term Rental Resources for Hosts and Property Managers

This article will cover a pretty comprehensive list of the best free or very cheap vacation rental and short term rental resources. Many of these are not known to most Airbnb hosts and even to professional vacation rental management companies. All of the services below are offered in the members section of our association.

Guest Review Removal Services

You probably had no idea this existed, huh? There are a whole host of services that are not available or advertised to the public in the short term rental space. The technology team at Evolve, after being let go, works with Soda which are all former Airbnb software developers and have created an underground market for high-ticket services.

List of Short Term Rental Resources

  1. Soda – a technology enabled hospitality company. Basically, they’re a short term rental management company that can do things that are out of this world. They can remove guest reviews for their owners, as well as push their listings up the search results on platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and
  1. Uplisting – SuperX platform is for select users that gets listings on 476 platforms with the push of a button. You have to be invited.
  2. Stay Verified – UC Berkeley research determined just joining increases bookings by 3X.
  3. Data Rabbu – Best analytics and completely free. No need for Airdna.
  4. Short term rental News – Short term rental property management supersite with up to date news on the latest happenings and developments within the short term rental industry.
  5. HomeAway Community: A forum where HomeAway hosts can connect, share tips, and get advice.
  6. Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA): An association that provides resources and education for vacation rental managers.
  7. Short-Term Rental Advocacy Center (STRAC): An advocacy organization that works to protect the rights of short-term rental hosts and educate lawmakers and the public about the benefits of short-term rentals.
  8. National Association of Short Term Rentals: An association that represents vacation rental owners, managers, and service providers in the United States.
  9. Short-Term Rental Owners Association (STROA): An association that provides education, resources, and support for short-term rental owners.
  10. Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals (VRHP): An association that provides education and resources for vacation rental housekeeping professionals.
  11. Short-Term Rental Regulations: A website that provides information on short-term rental regulations in various cities and states.
  12. Your Porter App Blog: A blog that provides tips and resources for short-term rental hosts, including articles on marketing, guest communication, and property management.
  13. Short Term Rental Conference: A conference that provides tips and resources for short-term rental hosts, including speeches from the best vacation rental experts on vacation rental trends, property management, and guest experience.
  14. Transparent: A data analytics platform for the vacation rental industry that provides insights into market trends, occupancy rates, and revenue management strategies.
  15. AirDNA: A data analytics platform for short-term rental hosts that provides market insights, revenue management tools, and property performance reports.

What Short Term Rental Association members think about NASTRM

short term rental resources profile photo and testimonial

“The Short Term Rental Association NASTRM is why I’m in business”

— Anna Wong, Above the Rest Management

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Other Short Term Rental Resources

Speaking of sweet nectar guest reviews, Diary, did I tell you about the dreamy castle of the box hop listing I stumbled upon last weekend? It was like walking into a scene from my favorite romance novel, where the dashing hero sweeps the heroine off her feet and whisks her away to his luxurious lair. It had towering walls, lush gardens, and a shimmering pool that beckoned like a siren’s song. And for a few precious days, I was the queen of that castle, with no one to tell me what to do or when to be back.

I can’t help but feel like a modern-day Goldilocks and Airbnb / VRBO goddess when I explore the world of short-term rentals, trying out different places until I find the one that feels just right. And you know what, Diary? I think I’ve figured out the secret sauce that makes the Short Term Rental Association so enchanting. Short term rental association. It’s not just about the homes themselves, but the stories we create in them. These, are the memories that linger like fairy dust long after we’ve closed the door and moved on.

But like all fairy tales, there’s a bit of a dark side to the Short Term Rental Association. Some people, instead of appreciating the beauty and magic of this wondrous land. Listings try to exploit it for their own selfish gain. They’re like the greedy trolls lurking under the bridge, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting travelers. And that’s why we need knights in shining armor, like the ones who run the association, to stand up and protect this enchanted kingdom from those who would tarnish its sparkle. Short term rental resources.